About Nuccar


Neo Urban Consolidated Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Nuc Technology Asia Resources) is a digital mobility solution company that emphasis in creating simplified services towards humans daily life routine through applying technology on hand.

We are a team of fully dedicated people that set enthusiastic in our goals to become South East Asia most recognize mobility solution company 

Ride hailing business has been a remarkable milestone for transport industry since 2013 when Uber initiated and it has became world greatest business revolution.Looking at the movement of people nowadays,there still a huge need in this business segment.

This is why we came out with the idea of Nuc Car. A strong simple acronym symbolizing the new breath in ride hailing industry. We are no intention to compete with the current market giant like Uber but to provide another reliable and safe source of transport e hailing service for the needs of everyday commuters.

And that’s why we created “Redefining Ride” tagline, with hope this new platform will offer more effective,safe and simple service ever to our future valued customers especially Malaysians.

Our core recipe to be success is appreciating our driver partner whereby we believe it is the key success factor in our mission.

Nuc means "NAK", simple Malay verbs that represents an action of doing something. And that's why,we are NUC.



Nuc Business


All in ONE comprehensive customise business mobility solutions

Nuc Care


We provide special service for the disabled,golden citizens and more.

Nuc Advertising


Grow your business milleage with us.


We are South East Asia total mobility solutions company that involve in IOT's and in line with IR 4.0.