What is Nuccar?What services they offer?

Nuccar is a total mobility solution company focusing on e hailing,food delivery,parcels and other mobility concerns for people in South East Asia It simply means than we are a application that you use to order a car/food/send parcels and its so easy.

How Do I Register As New Driver?

1.Fill up online for on  or download our Nuc -Driver & Delivery Partner (IOS or Playstore)

2.Do online mandatory driver test

3.Wait for admin to reply.Approval may take up to 3 days

4.Summit your PSV license (after 12 July 2019) and apply for EVP from us

Are Passengers & Driver Covered In The Event Of Any Accident?

Yes. We sign up with Zurich Takaful Malaysia that covers both driver and passengers

I Got Banned from other E Hailing Company,Can i Join Nuccar?

Yes you can. Subject to our simple background checking and we understand your situations

Can i drive one car using multiple names?

Yes you can. With valid insurance and if you on car rental please provide rental agreement.Contact : for more info

Can i Choose any Passenger that give higher fare trip & don't accept low fare trip

Your are now allow to do this as we want to ensure passenger get their ride at any locations.Doing this will make passengers unhappy and may effect Nuccar business. Just hit the road and we will think on more incentives to our valued drivers!

Can i skip training session?

Not advisable.However those who stay out of Klang Valley can be excuse.A guide tutorial video presentation in Youtube shall be given to drivers. Anyway we have implemented 100% digital experience training so you can just go thru our online driver assessment in just a few minute!

How do i deal in emergency situation

Press the SOS icon button on your apps or call 016-631 3305 (24 hours for any emergencies)

Is Smart Driver Credit Refundable should i dont feel to drive

NON REFUNDABLE. However we can give you additional hours to keep on giving your more income.

Can i bring a partner to accompany me when i driving at night?

This is for lady driver priority only. However if you have valid reason please inform us.

Can i use same car but more than one driver using? Can i use rental cars or cars from my friends and family?

Yes you can.Just pay RM 50/driver max 3 person per car. Please provide car insurance too for each driver.

Yes you may rent cars from car rental company or use your friends or family car for instance.

I purchase Smart Driving Credit top up,but no booking happened.Can i refund?

The smart driving credit is non refundable  however Nuccar will extend your driving hours up to 24 hours more for FREE.

What should i do if i face an emergency while driving?

Simple press the SOS icon button on driver app and the auhtority will be there to assist you. On the other hand call our hotline also.

Where can i purchase driver top up credit?

For driver top up via your apps using Ipay 88 wallet or alternatively to to top up

My passenger/rider refuse to pay fare or runaway. Can i claim for the ride fare?

In this event,email us immediately at or call 03-2778 5459 and we will reimburse you the said fare within 7 days.

Promocode payment. When can i receive the payment from Nuccar?

It will be done on the same week upon checking our records to your registered bank account with us.

I'm a OKU . Can i drive with Nuccar?

Yes.Sure you can.

Is Nuccar support centre or customer service operates 24 hours?

Yes we are. only for general admin matters our office hour is from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

As a passenger, when i left something inside the car,what should i do?

Immediately call our customer support centre. If you cant get your item back,we will not compensate due to the act of negligence.

PSV application. Do i need to apply by July 2019?

As regulated by Malaysia government,yes all e hailing drivers must comply to this.So far there is no firm news yet so we propose to wait until all is firm and final.

What is Nuc Rewards?

Nucrewards is a loyalty program as a thank you to our loyal customers. use Nuccar and every RM1.00 spend entitles you a 1 points. Use this points and claim your item on that showcase more than 100 items!

What is Nuc customer care centre operation hours?

We operate 24/365 a year.